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The Sandcrete Engineering Group presently operates three (3) quarry sites in Nigeria. Each of these quarries is strategically located and operated with state-of-the-art machinery for optimum production of high quality granite products.

Our quarry has efficient production lines that produce up to 200 tonnes per hour and we hope to double production capacity in the next 2 years because we recognize that time is money, so clients would not have to spend unnecessary time queuing for our products.

We also have high efficiency machinery and equipments such as compressors, jaw crushers, vibrating feeders, drilling machines for drilling and blasting, cranes for lifting of big blocks and trailers for transportation.

In addition, we have a clinic with professional medical practitioners, a canteen, security post, standby generator and a well laid out trailer park with the capacity to park over 20 trailers.

Our first site, mainly for Granite Slates and Slabs was acquired in the year 2006.  It comprises of two outcrops and it is located in Eleha village near Iwo in Osun state. It is easily accessible by rail and road, with a 40km road running southeast and linking the site with the city of Ibadan, while another 20km road connects the Ife-Ibadan highway southwards at Ikire. The railway line is 500m from the site and links Lagos, Nigeriaís commercial nerve, to the northern part of the country.(The site is currently reserved for future development)

Quarry 1: Sandcrete Engineering Quarry 1 which is located  on a 135-acre of land was established in the year 2009 with production capacity of 120 tonnes/hour. It was completely overhauled and replaced with ultramodern quarry plant of 300 tonnes/hour in the year 2015.  The quarry which is located directly on Lagos-Ibadan expressway is about 75km from Lagos and 25 km from Ibadan. It is a fully residential quarry for both Junior and Senior staff.

Quarry 2: Sandcrete Engineering Quarry 2 is on a 105-acre of land, and itís about 1.5 kilometer from quarry 1 location. The land was acquired in the year 2015/16 while operation will commence early 2018.
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